Summer is here, think of the misting kits for your terrace

10 August 2020

The summer period is an opportunity to enjoy with family or friends its terrace, pergola or swimming pool.

When the weather is mild, these outdoor spaces become real places of relaxation and conviviality.

Solution de brumisation terrasse et pergola

- A bubble of freshness

When temperatures rise during the day, it is often difficult to enjoy these spaces without suffering from the ambient heat. To remedy this situation, misting appears to be an ideal solution to quickly lower the temperature by a few degrees. When the system is switched on, your terrace, pergola or pool surround becomes a pleasant place again.

- Find comfort and well-being

To regain comfort and well-being, the BRO Brumisation misting kit is a ready-to-use solution, simple and quick to install in the outdoor areas of your home. The misting system integrates discreetly and harmoniously into all types of environment.

Thanks to the misting kits, create a refreshing and pleasant environment outside your home.

Brumisaton LIDIt sur une pergola