High pressure misting of greenhouses

- improve crops with greenhouses high pressure misting

We have developed a range of high-pressure misting systems for crops greenhouses and sales greenhouses that control the temperature and hygrometry of the air.

The ambient air control of greenhouses is imperative to keep the growth of flowers and plants, and to avoid the development of parasites.

A misting process, implemented using our expert software, makes it possible to obtain improvements in greenhouse of crops and plant sales.

By participating in the control of hygrometry and temperature in greenhouses, BRO Brumisation high pressure misting system helps to adjust these parameters to the ideal requirements specified for the growth of plants.

The maintenance of a ground hygrometry on the culture substrates also helps for the limitation of the surface tension and limits the evapotranspiration and the water requirements of the crops greenhouses.

In sales greenhouses, BRO Brumisation high-pressure misting system also improves customers comfort and products sales by adding a more professional image to your sales area.

And also...

To go further in the use of our humidification technologies, we also offer the diffusion of perfume and deodorants. We can spread a wide variety of specific odors in large areas with small diffusers.