Terrace misting : Cafes, hotels, restaurants

Brumisation BRO Brumisation dans un café de Paris

- Refresh your terraces to deliver freshness to your customers

Make your cafe, hotel, restaurant the most enjoyable and sought-after place in your commercial area.

The BRO Brumisation high pressure misting is the best solution to bring freshness to your outdoor spaces in terrace.

The BRO Brumisation misting systems are a real asset for your business: they guarantee a natural freshness and appeal of your terraces.

The BRO Brumisation outdoor refreshment solution offers both benefits for your business and your customers.

- The benefits of BRO Brumisation high pressure misting systems for your customers

BRO Brumisation high pressure misting systems improve the well-being of your customers by creating a pleasant cool environment in your outdoor spaces.

Our misting system is designed to lower the temperature by 10 °C on average. The water fog spread instantly gives a feeling of freshness to the consumers during the heat periods, even at the hottest hours of the day.

Once the system is started, the refreshment is immediate, which brings real comfort for your customers.

Create a space of relaxation, resting, soothing and relaxing, by adding atmosphere perfumes to your water fog with a simple addition of essential oils in the water circuit.

By adding a mosquito repellent or an insect repellent to the BRO Brumisation misting system, your clients enjoy summer evenings on the terrace without the annoyance of insects flying around them.

Brumisation BRO Brumisation dans un restaurant de Nice
Brumisation BRO Brumisation dans un hotel à Monaco

The benefits of the BRO Brumisation misting systems for your business

The main benefit of the BRO Brumisation high-pressure misting system is to improve the attractiveness of your terrace, on the one hand to distinguish yourself from the competition and on the other hand to attract customers to your business.

Our goal: to help you increase your turnover.

Our high pressure misting system, complying with the CE standard, offers a natural and refreshing mist thanks to our filtration system which purifies the water.

Spraying microdroplets of water is an economical cooling system that uses little water. It is a real economical alternative to traditional air conditioning. Misting makes it possible to prevent high temperatures outside.

The operating time of the BRO Brumisation misting system is programmable via a timer box that allows you to program your moments of freshness and well-being on demand, instantly.



The efficiency of our misting system is based on its ability to ensure maximum and controlled evaporation of the water spread into the ambient air.

Nozzles are technically designed to micronize water. The isophonic collars ensure a quiet operation of the installation.



The misting system adapts to all architectural constraints. The diffusion nozzles are easily installed on the premises to be equipped and according to the needs of the project.



The water is pressurized to diffuse a “dry” fog.

This physical principle of microdroplets uses little water and allows to drop the temperature of 10 ° C and thus naturally refresh a place.



Each installation is designed to comply with sanitary standards.

Our misting system is connected to the main water inlet, which is then filtered to prevent clogging of the nozzles.

Buse de brumisation BRO Brumisation

- The operation of BRO Brumisation high pressure misting systems

The high-pressure misting system, distinguished from low-pressure misting systems, increases the pressure of water through a pump and turns it into microdroplets spread through very fine nozzles. It is the atomization of water.

In contact with the air, these microdroplets turn into a fine mist that evaporates very quickly. Our misting system thus lowers the temperature by 10 °C compared to the outside temperature. Misting allows the restoration of a comfortable hygrometry rate with to the rapid evaporation of water microdroplets, even with direct sunlight.

The microdroplets measure from 8 to 25 microns.

An anti-drip system equips all of our nozzles. Thus, when the system stops, no drop of residual water escapes from the diffusion nozzles. It is an ecological and economical process.

Our high pressure misting system is very easy to install and use.

- A thoroughly thought design

The BRO Brumisation misting system has been designed to adapt to every place and all technical constraints. Designed to enhance your business, it is discrete and harmonized with your outdoor spaces.

Fixed by stretched cables, equipped with isophonic collars, it is installed quickly and simply on all structures (wood, concrete…) creating a refreshing, quiet and exceptional environment.

Our team will guide you in the implementation of your project to integrate the BRO Brumisation system according to the specificities of your business.

Microdroplet water fog makes the BRO Brumisation system an economical water-saving cooling system. In the same way, a timer box allows you to schedule your moments of well-being on demand, instantly.

The electrical elements of the BRO Brumisation misting system have been selected for their low consumption qualities.

During hot weather, offer a moment of instant and soothing well-being to your customers.

Brumisation BRO Brumisation dans un restaurant de Nice

- Technical characteristics of the BRO Brumisation high pressure misting system

Economical: 6 to 8 times cheaper than air conditioning

Low operating cost

Immediate Refreshment 

Switching on when the temperature exceeds 25 °C

Lowering temperature from 3 to 10 °C depending on weather conditions

Hygrometry: maintaining the hygrometry from 20 to 95%.

System complying with HEQ standards.