Le SAV BRO Brumisation à votre service

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11 rue Louis Blériot
87270 Couzeix

Tel. 05 55 30 44 44

- A tailor-made solution

With the mastery of misting and nebulization technologies, we propose a tailor-made solution, whatever your need, and whatever the nature of your space:

  • Humidification (misting and nebulization) for industries, train stations and buildings, laboratories, cheese factories, wine cellars…
  • Lowering temperature for cities, outdoor spaces
  • Dust and odors reduction for industries
  • Disinfection for Controlled Atmosphere Areas, clean rooms, airlock, insulators, glove box

Our products make your spaces more efficient:

  • Reduced evaporation of wines in barrel cellars
  • Improvement of cheese production in cheese cellars
  • Reduced temperature in outdoor spaces
  • Restoring an ideal temperature on the coffee terraces
  • Dust reduction on the ground in industries
  • Disinfection of rooms in laboratories

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