Covid-19 solutions

- Protecting workers and users

With more than twenty years of know-how in humidification, the BRO Brumisation teams have put their technological know-how and expertise to work to offer viable solutions for the protection of the health of employees, customers and users.

Our solutions have been designed and developed to adapt to all types of spaces: companies, shops, public places, etc.

To meet all needs, we have designed and developed a range of tailor-made solutions:

- COVID-19: Portable decontamination solution

Our teams have developed a portable decontamination solution adapted to all types of spaces. 100% mobile, this solution allows a simple, fast and effective disinfection of surfaces.

The BRO Brumisation disinfection system allows :

  • The protection of workers in work spaces: offices, industries, warehouses, changing rooms, checkout areas, workshops, etc.
  • The decontamination of schools, EHPAD, town halls, food supermarkets, shops, public transport, etc.

The portability of the system makes it very convenient to use for the application of the food disinfectant without rinsing.

- COVID-19: Nebulisation disinfection for small areas

Used for more than 15 years in pharmaceutical laboratories, we have rethought and adapted our solution for the disinfection of small volumes. Through a nebulisation system, decontamination is carried out by the diffusion of a food disinfectant.

The BRO Brumisation machine will produce very fine droplets that will spread in the air and on surfaces.

The positioning of the machine on castors generates an unequalled mobility of the disinfection of small closed volumes. The use of the system will protect your employees and users in rest rooms, changing rooms, classrooms, medical practices, offices, etc.

Disinfection capacity: up to 100m².

- COVID-19: Disinfection by misting for large areas

With the BRO Brumisation misting disinfection system, protect your employees and users.

Our teams have developed an effective solution for the decontamination of large volumes. The diffusion of the food disinfectant is achieved by operating the misting system.

The high pressure misting pump propels the food disinfectant which will spread in the air and on surfaces in the form of fine droplets.

Ultra mobile, the system ensures optimal decontamination of checkout areas, warehouses, factories, open spaces,

Disinfection capacity: spaces larger than 100m².

Solution de désinfection mobile BRO Brumisation par brumisation

- COVID-19: Disinfection of public transport

How to ensure the safety of public transport users?

In partnership with the company Alphéa, we have developed a decontamination solution to ensure the safety of passengers in all means of transport (train, tram, bus, etc.).

Disinfection is carried out using a portable misting system, allowing great freedom of movement and unparalleled manoeuvrability.

- COVID-19: Disinfection of shopping carts, pallets, cartons

Concerned about offering a protection solution for customers and employees in food and non-food shops, the BRO Brumisation teams have developed a range of disinfection portals for shopping carts, pallets and boxes of products.

  • The disinfection portal that can be used by your employees:

The BRO Brumisation PRO portal is a mobile solution for disinfecting shopping carts, pallets and boxes.

Practical and easy to use by shop staff, the portal is as fast as it is effective, as it decontaminates 100 shopping carts in one minute thanks to the misting nozzles that diffuse the disinfectant in the form of very fine droplets.

Available in standard or tailor-made models, we provide an adapted response, whatever your needs.

  • The disinfection portal that can be used by your customers:

Positioned next to the shopping cart shelters or at the entrance to the shop, your customers disinfect their shopping cart themselves in 4 seconds.

The disinfection cycle is triggered by pressing the system start button or automatically when the shopping cart passes in front of the infrared sensor.

Your customers can use the shopping cart and make their purchases in complete safety.

Portique de désinfection

- COVID-19: Disinfection solution for shopping cart shelters

Protect the health of your customers with our disinfection solution for shopping cart shelters and storage areas.

Via a misting system directly integrated into the shelter, our solution allows the decontamination of shopping carts in food and non-food stores (supermarkets, hypermarkets, DIY stores, garden centres, etc.).

The misting nozzles propel the disinfectant onto the shopping carts stored in the shelter. This makes the disinfection process simple, fast and effective.

Our tailor-made solution can be installed on all types of shopping cart shelters (flat, sloping or domed roofs, etc.) and regardless of the type of material.

- COVID-19: Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers

How to ensure the protection of people’s health in companies, shops, public places?

We have designed and developed a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser with non-contact infrared detection.

When hands pass in front of the detector, a dose of gel is automatically delivered.

The dispenser is suitable for intensive use: up to 100,000 uses on batteries or unlimited use on the mains.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is equipped with an anti-vandalism system.

Our teams have also designed a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that can be operated by foot pressure. This dispenser is available in stainless steel or aluminium.

Protection pour terminaux de paiement

- COVID-19: Payment terminal protection

How can we limit the spread of pathogenic germs and increase the lifespan of payment terminals?

Our teams have developed a transparent and flexible PVC protection that attaches directly to the back of the terminal.

To ensure a perfect fit, adjustable links are integrated into the protection.

Thanks to its smooth surface, the protection allows the payment terminal to be completely cleaned.

- COVID-19: Protection for the handles of baskets and shopping carts

To reassure and protect your customers about the use of baskets and shopping carts, we offer you a removable protection that attaches to the cart bars and basket handles.

Made of high resistance foam, the protection can be easily and quickly clipped on and off. It prevents contact with the shopping cart bars and basket handles. It can also be used to open the doors of cold and deep-frozen units in the store.

Reusable after washing at 90°C, our solution avoids the use of disposable gloves.

Protection poignées