- Disinfection of surfaces

Nébulisation BRO Brumisation pour bio-décontamination des espaces

What is surface disinfection? What is the purpose of disinfection?

In clean rooms, production rooms, airlock or insulators, micro-organisms are present in the air.

These micro-organisms can then contaminate the surfaces (panels, filters, equipment, benches, floor, ceiling…).

Disinfection of surfaces eliminates these microorganisms.

It is therefore necessary to carry out regular disinfection cycles to decontaminate the surfaces and to ensure efficient production or handling.

The BRO Brumisation surface disinfection nebulisation process

We have developed and patented our own bio-decontamination device. We chose to design an airborne surface disinfection system with cold biocide nebulization technology.

This technology we offer brings you:

  • Multi or mono room disinfection
  • Disinfection of the air network (AHU, Hepa and Ulpa absolute sheaths and filters)
  • Disinfection up to 2000m²
  • Use with any biocide based on H2O2
  • Reduced decontamination cycle
  • No heating of biocide
  • Automation with the external environment (AHU – interlocking)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 traceability with USB key extraction or via Ethernet network
  • Simplified startup for operators (keys / touch screens)
  • Possibility of disinfecting a part of the area while leaving the other part in production
  • Qualification: log 6 on stearothermophilus spores or on specific strain to be defined

Our team, consisting of an R&D and engineering department, designs and adapts the technology to your needs. The installations are set up and maintained by our technical team.

Bio-décontamination des espaces
La nébulisation BRO Brumisation pour la bio-décontamination des salles blanches

In order to meet all disinfection needs, we have designed three ranges of systems:

  • OD-IC for insulators disinfection
  • AR-DM for room disinfection
  • AR-D for controlled atmosphere areas disinfection

The BRO Brumisation bio-decontamination system is used in different areas:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital
  • Biomedical
  • Pet store
  • R&D
  • Food industry
  • Quality Control
  • Production

With a multilevel application:

  • Multi-rooms: the finesse of the particles generated, allows the diffusion of biocides via the AHU (air handling unit) in several rooms at the same time. The biocide is generated at the outlet of the AHU, of which the ventilation distributes the vapors generated in the rooms to be treated.
  • Mono-room: our mono-room solution can handle volumes from a few m³ up to 200m³
  • Multi-products: BRO Brumisation technology is compatible with various disinfection products: H₂O₂, peracetic, biocide cocktail. Thus, each customer is free to choose the biocide and its supplier. If unusual product, it must be validated by our technical team.