This summer, equip your terrace with misting.

13 July 2020

Summer has just started and the temperatures are already particularly hot. 33°C in Marseille, 34°C in Nîmes, 33°C in Lyon: the thermometer has exceeded 30°C in several French cities.

Brumisation BRO Brumisation dans un restaurant de Nice

- Misting, your freshness asset

During the summer period, the terraces of cafés, hotels, restaurants are privileged places to spend a good time with family or friends. At the hottest hours of the day, even in the shade, the feeling of discomfort due to the heat can be particularly present and intense.

So that your customers can enjoy a moment of comfort and well-being in your establishment, why not equip yourself with misting?

Misting cools the air, which instantly reduces the temperature and quickly gives a feeling of coolness. Your customers will be able to eat and drink in a cool environment away from the heat.

- Misting, an asset for your terrace

Misting allows your establishment to stand out from the competition. The fog generated by the misting nozzles attracts the attention of passers-by and tourists. Faced with intense heat, misting becomes an ideal ally to make your establishment the most pleasant and most sought-after place in your commercial area.

Terrasse d'un restaurant