Misting for gardens,
green spaces and play areas

Brumisation BRO Brumisation dans un jardin


Provide misting for gardens, fountains, parks and green spaces.

Misting is the ideal technology to bring comfort and freshness to outdoor spaces.

Today, with the heat of the summer, or heat waves, it is essential to equip the public spaces with misting systems to lower the temperature and make the hot times more enjoyable in the city.

Refresh your city and its inhabitants, with the BRO Brumisation high pressure misting system.

- BRO Brumisation misting systems for outdoor spaces

The BRO Brumisation high-pressure misting system is the perfect solution for humidifying and cooling outdoor spaces: it improves the appearance of gardens, flowers areas, plants and green spaces, as well as fountains. The BRO Brumisation high-pressure misting solution allows the creation of real islands of freshness in the heart of the city.

Our teams assist you at every stage of your project: from the design of your project to the installation of your misting system, and the maintenance of the system.

Brumisation BRO Brumisation dans un jardin public
Brumisation BRO Brumisation espace vert Angers

- How is done the installation of the BRO Brumisation misting system ?

Whatever your project, we adapt our solution to your environment.

Every installation is tailor-made. The nozzles installed in your spaces are small and discreet. We design, on your demand, supports of all shapes that can be integrated into your environment without being visible.

The goal is to make the misting system harmonious in your space.

The nozzles are set up this way in your outdoor space: ramps or vertical columns. Underground integrations can also be done.

- Attractiveness and freshness

BRO Brumisation misting systems generate micro-droplets of water in the air to deliver freshness and attractiveness. Whatever your need, we offer you a tailor-made solution:

  • High-pressure misting for gardens, parks and green spaces: the water fog spreads around the plants to create an atmosphere of freshness.
  • High-pressure misting for town hall squares: with a perfect integration underground, the fog is diffused in the air and delivers a source of freshness for the happiness of everyone.
  • High-pressure misting of fountains: bring attractiveness and give a second life to your fountains by highlighting these elements of heritage through misting.

The BRO Brumisation high pressure misting systems increases the hygrometry rate of the space and refreshes the plants. In gardens or in the city, misting systems bring a real added value. It allows to refresh public spaces, to create playgrounds for children, but also to cool down the air.

Brumisation BRO Brumisation en ville
Brumisation fontaines

- High-pressure misting and fountain animation

In cities, fountains are an integral part of the architecture. Every summer, these elements of the urban heritage are popular with walkers looking for refreshment, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

The BRO Brumisation high-pressure misting system brings a breath of fresh air to the fountains in the heart of the cities. Thanks to a tailor-made and esthetic installation, the misting system blends in perfectly with the decor.

The misting nozzles provide a refreshing breath of air, which is particularly pleasant during the summer months. This makes the fountains a living space in their own right, even in hot weather.

BRO Brumisation misting is also a source of dramatisation for the fountains. It can be combined with lighting effects to accompany the festive events in your town. Misting can also transform a fountain into a children’s playground. The installation of a misting system thus gives a second life to fountains.

- The BRO Brumisation misting masts

Create islands of freshness in the heart of your town during the summer months.

The BRO Brumisation misting mast is an ideal solution for a breath of fresh air as soon as the temperature becomes stifling outside. Easy to install, it brings comfort and well-being to passers-by by reducing the sensation of heat.

The misting mast fits perfectly in all areas of your town: gardens, playgrounds, squares, parks, green spaces, etc. This refreshing urban equipment offers a real esthetic solution to your city.

When assembled, the misting masts can create open-air playgrounds. This gives children the opportunity to play in peace and quiet, even at the hottest times of the day. They benefit from the coolness produced by the misting devices.

From the design to the installation of the misting system, the BRO Brumisation teams accompany local decision-makers to propose an aesthetic and tailor-made response to the cooling of urban public spaces.

Mât brumisation BRO Brumisation

- Benefits


We offer a wide range of high pressure misting solutions to refresh public spaces: