Bio-decontamination laboratory and clean room

Bio-décontamination avec nébulisation BRO Brumisation


The BRO Brumisation airborne surface disinfection system is a cold biocide nebulization technology for your business productivity.

The BRO Brumisation disinfection system uses a nebulization technology of 2.5 microns particles biocide. The size of these particles, much smaller than high-pressure nozzle technologies, allows a very fast fog evaporation (0.6 seconds approximately), with a very large exchange surface.

The benefits of the BRO Brumisation disinfection system:

  • Efficiency: reduced evaporation time, no seepage on surfaces
  • Traceability: provided by certified 21CFR part 11 (FDA) automatons
  • Homogeneity: the diffusion is homogeneous on surfaces
  • Free choice of biocide: you have the freedom to choose the consumable that suits you.
  • Qualification: installation qualified with your quality department
We have designed different ranges of systems to meet all your
bio-décontamination needs:

- AR-D, a ZAC dynamic disinfection technology

BRO Brumisation is revolutionizing the clean room bio-decontamination market with AR-D, an airborne surface disinfection system.

This technology allows:

  • Simultaneous disinfection of several rooms via the Air Handling Unit
  • Treatment of ventilation ducts
  • Treatment of edge and return HEPA filters
  • A reduced decontamination cycle

Disinfection capacity: up to 2000m³

Benefits: a stationary machine designed for regular decontaminations

Applications: pet store, quality control laboratories, production rooms, preparation rooms

La nébulisation BRO Brumisation dans un laboratoire

- Periodic clean room disinfection

AR-DM is a mobile unit specially designed for periodic decontamination. The device is directly placed in the room and can be moved from one room to another according to your decontamination needs.

Disinfection capacity: up to 200m³

The benefits of the AR-DM: autonomous unit which generates hot air necessary for the micro condensation of the biocide (if H₂O₂).

Applications: bio-decontamination of airlock or working rooms without dedicated Air Handler Unit, pet store, quality control laboratory, production rooms, preparation rooms…

- Bio-decontamination of small volumes with OD-IC

The OD-IC is a unit specially designed for the disinfection of small volumes such as insulators or glove boxes.

Disinfection capacity: up to 20m³

The advantages of the OD-IC: autonomous unit that generates hot air necessary for the micro condensation of the biocide (if H₂O₂).

Applications: insulator, glove box

La nébulisation BRO Brumisation pour la bio-décontamination

- Results obtained with BRO Brumisation bio-decontamination systems

The results obtained with the BRO Brumisation bio-decontamination technology are excellent on strains as resistant and varied as Parvovirus and Bacillus stearothermophilus spores.

With a use of H2O2 at 30%:

  • Destruction> log 6 on Bacillus stearothermophilus spores
  • Destruction> log 4 on Canine parvovirus (CPV)
  • Destruction> log 6 on Rhabdoviridae (Rage)
  • Destruction> log 4 on Leptospira (Leptospirosis)
  • Destruction> log 5 on Enterococcus hirae
  • Destruction> log 5 on Bacillus subtilis

Standard NF T72-281 May 2009 being validated.

With a use of peracetic:

  • Destruction> log 5 on Bactericidal activity
  • Destruction> log 4 on Yeasticidal Activity
  • Destruction> log 4 on Fungicide activity
  • Destruction> log 3 on Sporicidal activity