Regulatory framework

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Les solutions BRO Brumisation répondent à la règlementation

BRO Brumisation products comply with regulations

The whole BRO Brumisation product range complies with the requirements of the French regulations to guarantee the quality of misted and nebulized water.

Each facility is designed to meet sanitary standards. Misting and nebulization systems connect to the main water inlet. This is by nature treated bacteriologically and is regularly monitored by a compulsory control of the institutions thus eliminating the risk of Legionella.

With misting, the installation requires a simple upstream 5 microns filter to avoid clogging of the nozzles. The 5 microns filter removes impurities from the water.

The connection on a borehole water will be subject to a more particular attention with the recommendation of an ultraviolet treatment.

The BRO Brumisation misting system can also meet the needs of improving air quality by eliminating dust, odors, or insects by introducing perfumes or insects repellents into the water circuit.

With nebulization, the installation includes two sediment filters (5 and 20 microns) to remove particles, an activated carbon filter to remove pesticides and chlorine, an ultraviolet lamp against viruses and bacteria, a reverse osmosis membrane to eliminate limescale and a patented heat shock system that guarantees 100% decontamination of the machine against any bacteria.

All our nebulization and misting systems comply with French regulations, which are currently in effect, related to the safety of sanitary systems associated with misting / nebulization of water.

Decree n° 2017-657 of April 27, 2017 and Decreee of August 07, 2017.

Decree No. 2017-657

Decree related to the prevention of health risks for collective systems of water misting

Order of August 7, 2017

Order concerning the technical and procedural rules for the safety of collective water misting systems, adopted pursuant to Article R. 1335-20 of the Public Health Code