B.R.O. disinfects shopping carts

9 November 2020

Portique de désinfection BRO Brumisation

In its November 2020 issue, the magazine Linéaires highlights the BRO Brumisation disinfection portal.

B.R.O., a specialist in humidification systems, offers a disinfection solution for shopping carts, pallets and boxes.

The BRO Brumisation misting portal diffuses very fine droplets of disinfectant. On wheels, it is very easy to use and disinfects 100 shopping carts per minute.

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Avoid overheating

14 October 2020

Refroidissement des condenseurs

B.R.O. launches a misting cooling system for condensers on the market under the brand name BRO Brumisation.

Positioned at the inlet of the condenser, the BRO Brumisation misting system generates adiabatic cooling, allowing a temperature reduction of up to 10°C at the inlet of the condenser. The high pressure misting system thus guarantees a better availability of the condensers during high heat.

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The B.R.O. Misting disinfection portal

5 October 2020

Portique de désinfection BRO Brumisation

Based in Romans-sur-Isère and soon on Rovaltain, B.R.O. has developed special solutions against Covid-19. Among them, a mobile portal for the decontamination of shopping carts in food and non-food shops.

The portal contains BRO Brumisation misting nozzles that propel the disinfectant directly onto the shopping carts. A particularly efficient and fast system: 100 shopping carts in 1 minute.

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Coronavirus: disinfection of shopping carts and pallets

14 September 2020

Solutions de désinfection covid-19

B.R.O. has developed two solutions for disinfecting shopping carts and pallets by misting, to combat the spread of Covid-19.

The solutions (disinfection portal, disinfection of shopping cart shelters) allow simple and quick decontamination of shopping carts and pallets. Two products that protect customers and staff in food and non-food shops.

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B.R.O. disinfects by nebulisation

23 July 2020

Solutions de désinfection covid-19

Based in Couzeix, B.R.O. offers portals and mobile stations for virus-related issues. This range of BRO Brumisation solutions is adapted to the disinfection needs related to the current pandemic and can be used in supermarkets, hospitals, companies, etc…

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The cleaning companies mobilised

13 July 2020

Solution de désinfection des espaces

Busy period for cleaning companies with the disinfection of offices, industrial sites, shops and restaurants.

“We had to buy … a disinfection machine based on hydrogen peroxide produced by B.R.O. to adapt our activity. We mainly carried out disinfection in offices and apartment buildings”, explains Nicolas Vigon, manager of C’Propr, a company based in Jourgnac.

(Source: Actions, magazine of the Limoges and Haute-Vienne CCI)

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100 shopping carts per minute

7 July 2020

Désinfection des abris chariots

Designed to disinfect shopping carts (up to 100 shopping carts per minute) and pallets, the stainless steel misting portal (offered by the French company B.R.O.) diffuses very fine droplets of disinfectant through a network of nozzles.

(Source: Services magazine)

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A company is developing a disinfection portal for shopping carts.

26 June 2020

portique BRO Brumisation

Originally specialising in misting and nebulising systems for industry, food and agriculture, the company B.R.O. has developed a disinfection portal for shopping carts in supermarkets, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Covid-19 : ARECO has developed a mobile disinfection portal for shopping carts and pallets

23 June 2020

Solutions de désinfection covid-19

After a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser with infrared detection or a payment terminal protection, the nebulisation specialist ARECO offers a new innovation adapted to the needs of its customers in the face of the health crisis.

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B.R.O. Misting disinfects shopping carts

22 June 2020

portique de désinfection

The specialist in nebulising and misting systems B.R.O. has also adapted to the Covid-19 health crisis by designing a portal for disinfecting shopping carts.

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