High-pressure misting
for dust and odor reduction

Brumisation BRO Brumisation pour réduction des odeurs


If you work in an environment that generates dust, you must implement a technical solution to limit the dust that may remain in the air.

We intervene in many sectors of activity to remove dust and odors: wood factory, demolition site, asbestos removal site, cement works, landfill…

- Misting, a technology that complies with regulations

Dusts are very small particles that remain in the air. They are not necessarily visible to the eye but are inhalable. The level of penetration into the human body, by the pulmonary route, depends on the particle size (between 0.5 and 100 microns). This represents a health risk for your employees (respiratory discomfort, allergenic effect, toxic effect on the body, lesion in the nose, fibrogenic effect, or even carcinogenic effect).

The dust concentration in the air is subject to a regulation established by the French Ministry of Labor, here is an extract (source).

Brumisation BRO Brumisation et la santé au travail
Brumisation BRO Brumisation pour abattement des poussières

- How to improve the air quality with the BRO Brumisation high pressure misting system?

Studies have been conducted to measure the effects of the BRO Brumisation misting system on the rate of dust in the air. The results show that the BRO Brumisation misting system has an extremely significant impact on the dust content in the air. In these studies, we can observe a 50% reduction in total dust concentration.

The BRO Brumisation high pressure misting system purifies the ambient air by lowering the temperature and maintaining a comfortable hygrometry rate, around 60%. This control of the hygrometry rate makes it possible to reduce the amount of particles in the air.

In addition, the French Ministry of Labor recommends the establishment of a misting ramp to reduce dust.

Consult the Ministry of French Labor Guide

- Operation

The misting system creates a water fog curtain. The dust entering this curtain is burdened by the humidity and falls back to the ground.

Our technology is a natural system, without the addition of any chemical adjuvant.

La brumisation BRO Brumisation dans l'industrie du bois

- Misting in the wood industry

Prevent the risks associated with wood dust

In France, more than 300,000 employees are exposed to wood dust in their daily work. Wood dust is likely to cause health problems for these operators. So how to prevent the risk of exposure?

In the wood industry, misting is an effective tool for reducing dust and halting the volatility of sawdust, in order to reduce fire hazards and respiratory disorders. The BRO Brumisation high pressure misting system helps to improve working conditions and keeps your employees healthy.

Through many years of experience, our expertise has been recognized in industries such as malting, winemaking, glue production, concrete and more.

- Misting against fire hazards

Combustible dusts may cause fire or even explosion hazard when in sufficient concentration.

Therefore, it is imperative to implement a solution, such as misting, which aims to limit the dust emission in the air. The BRO Brumisation high pressure misting system is effective regardless of the structure of your factory or building.

Our system uses a high-pressure misting process that reduces dust in all circumstances: waste recycling, asbestos removal…

Brumisation BRO Brumisation pour abattement des poussières
Brumisation BRO Brumisation pour abattement des poussières

Misting to remove odors and purify the air in industry

Some product manufacturing generates olfactory pollution. This is the case of landfills, sewage treatment sites, industrial building… which can have an impact on the health and safety of employees, but also on the environment.

BRO Brumisation high-pressure misting system can prevent this olfactory pollution of industrial or animal origin. Our systems remove odors by spreading neutralizers or specific odor-destroying products.

- Application example: misting in a waste treatment center

Misting at DRIMM

DRIMM is a subsidiary of the Séché Environnement group, based in Montech in French department Tarn et Garonne. The company processes non-hazardous industrial waste and household waste and valorizes waste gases by producing electricity equivalent to the need of an area of 40,000 inhabitants. Its packaging sorting business is one of the most modern in the South West.

Lookig for a misting solution to reduce dust and odors, the company has chosen the BRO Brumisation misting systems to design and install its equipment.

The picture shown here is the BRO Brumisation system.

Brumisation BRO Brumisation pour abattement des poussières

And also...

To go further in the use of our misting technologies, we also offer the diffusion of perfume and deodorants. We can spread a wide variety of specific odors in large areas with small diffusers.

We offer a wide range of misting solutions for the reduction of dust and odors in all industrial sectors:

Industrie de démolition
Industrie du papier
Traitement des déchets
Industrie du bois
Industrie du textile